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Doula Services

  1. Why do I need a Doula?
  2. How can I have a Doula?
  3. Special Beginnings Doula Services
  4. Optional Services
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A Doula is a person who gives her undivided attention, both emotionally and physically to you at your birth. She is an important person of the birth team. She brings informational support and has total belief in your ability to give birth. She recognizes that birth is both a joyful and a spiritual experience and impacts a woman's entire life. A Doula's goal is to help women to increase their self-confidence and have more faith and trust in their ability to give birth.

She see's herself as a companion to the birthing woman and knows her role is to support the social structure around her (ex. Family, friends etc.) Her role is not to provide medical support or to make decisions for the expectant parents but to keep them informed of what is happening.

Why do I need a Doula?

Child Holding FlowersA Doula will help you with birth planning and preparation. She will labor support in your home, hospital or birthing center. She will give you a written record of your birth and even help with a home visit after the birth.
She stays by your side providing encouragement while you are in transition and when the baby is being born. She knows the tricks of the trade and carries them with her. She will come to your home and labor sit with you until it's time to go to the hospital or birthing center. She stays until the baby is born. She can even help you with breastfeeding. Most importantly, a Doula is your best friend while you birth.
We are woman who are compassionate and are prepared to help anyone of any religion, age, race, community or social stature.

At Special Beginnings we have a Special Doula just waiting to share your birth with you.

How can I have a Doula?

Call Special Beginnings Doula Services to schedule a free interview in the comfort of your home. (503) 650-3865

Special Beginnings Doula Services

  • Sample Birth Package
  • Free interview
  • Prenatal visits
  • Telephone support
  • Birth planning and support
  • Birth preparation information sheets
  • Labor support in your home, hospital and or birthing center
  • Written record of birth
  • Supplies for mom and baby
  • Natural remedies
  • Optional postpartum visit

Optional Services

  • Childbirth classes
  • Nutrition Classes
  • Midwifery Referrals
  • Breastfeeding Services
  • Used Prenatal and Childbirth books
  • Selection of Tub Teas and Raspberry Pregnancy Tea

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